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More about technology

In the industry we can separate technology by the phase separation method by the followings: 

Wet technology:

This method applied by KATECH’s plant. Phase separation is done while the material is wet after sterilizing and before drying. Two phases are called Liquid and Soft + bone. Meals are done from Soft + bone phase and Fat from the mechanically & chemically separated, purified Liquid phase.

Pros: Gentle processing technology, Digestibility of meals are high, Fat’s purity and its parameters are excellent, less-sensitivity for raw-material composition.

Dry technology:

Separation of fat is done after drying through a mechanical press. This equipment separates the fatty-meal to meal and fat phases. Milling, buffering and packaging is done after defatting.

Pros: Simple equipments in production, Operation needs no special knowledge.

Cons: Digestibility of meals are lower, Purity and parameters of fat can vary, Excessively sensitive for raw-material composition, Efficiency of phase separation varies because of usual stress on mechanical press.


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